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#004 Building Inbound Traffic with Backlinks - The PipSnip Podcast Show

#004 Building Inbound Traffic with Backlinks

What is inbound traffic? – all external links (or backlinks) pointing to a website or webpages are forms of inbound traffic which would include links from blog posts, guest posts, replies and comments for forums, tube sites, articles, social media links, etc. whether it’s free or paid ad

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Why do you need inbound traffic:

  • Traffic from these external sources is what drives your online business forward and keeps it running and thriving
  • These external links are the gates or tunnels to your business – this is one of the most effective ways for customers and/or future members of your tribe/community to find your business, products and services
  • External links give you exposures and continuous attention from the people who may have never found your products and services otherwise
  • It’s an SEO essential element – Google analyzes your authority level based on the amount and the quality of your backlinks – backlinks can improve your SEPRs  on the key term that you’re competing in;
  • Backlinks are cheaper than paid advertisements; some can be free and can potentially be serving you for as long as the page exists

How do you build your inbound links (backlinks)

  • Submit a guest post on someone else’s blogs
  • From a forum reply or blog comments (or any open user generated content like Quora)
  • A video post like Youtube by including URL links as part of your video descriptions
  • Free online publishing sites like Ezine Articles; click here to see a list of websites
    • Note: Understand what “nofollow” links are and their essential factors in link building in regards to SEO
  • Build your own silo websites and create your backlinks to your other pages – this has to be carefully strategized in order to NOT seem like you’re scheming the system


PipSnip: Best and Quickest Way to Build Backlinks

  • Content creation and publication – free, quick and easy!
  • Building silo websites – free, quick and easy!
  • No cost to get started!

How to build your inbound links using PipSnip

  • Curate a content relevant to your marketing campaign topic
    • Use “Text Link” and “Banner” ad features to drive traffic to your website or landing pages
  • Build a website using PipSnip’s FREE Website Builder API
    • Create and insert a backlink per curated content post on your PipSnip website
  • Things to remember when building silo websites using PipSnip
    • Use relevant domain names for these silo sites
    • Use different IP address for every web hosting per silo site
    • Create a wide variety of topics, content themes, and categories
    • Diversify on relevant crossed-similar topics and content theme
    • Be consistent on publishing content and backlinks
    • Use social media links for 2nd tier backlinks to your curated content posts
    • Create backlinks from open user-generated content sites like Quora and Youtube
    • DO NOT abuse backlink generation by creating too many too early
    • Use and relevant key terms and phrases (or keywords) as anchor texts when creating backlinks
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